2015 LIMIT

2015 LIMIT
2015 LIMIT!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2015


Great fishing tonight but one short. Had to make it quick today.  Lots of throwback eyes. Many legal suckers. Plus quillbacks are showing up now.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fish on CRACK!

Walleye Warriors, As you have noticed I have been relying more on Instragram @drwalleye lately. It's so easy to post. But tonight, I give you a full report of fishing lately on the Mighty Maumee. * * * First, the conditions: on Thursday night the river dramatically started to rise, which ended in a crest on late Friday night at 7.54 ft above sea level. High water everywhere, and with the ice pummeling the river this spring, there are different high water spots. The flow of the river also increased dramatically even after the crest and was assisted by stiff west winds on Friday. Boaters have got to be more careful. (The number of guys standing in boats astounds me.) High water. So guys were in the usual locations. Combat fishing. * * * Second, the fishing: yesterday and tonight I clobbered fish. The sucker run is HOT! I swear those fish are on crack! You hit one and they immediately start charging upriver right past me. They are hysterical! Fish on Crack! That's what suckers are. But goddam fun to catch in the mouth. Nonetheless, the walleye were hitting too. Clean fish came in and also some tail shots. With the current the way it is, even legals came in hard sometimes. Big jacks. And I threw away a snagged female Fish Ohio tonight easy. I gave her 8-9 lbs. I was way too busy to take a picture because I had to get back to sucker fishing! * * * I had a snagged fish and it was surfacing tonight and asked a dude down from me if "it was a sucker or a walleye?" I mean, this fish was rolling tail first right past him. He said "walleye!" and got all excited. So when I brought it in and cleared the hook, I pulled it up, looked him in the eyes, held it up and said, "No man, that's a sucker!" He sorta looked at me like I was crazy and then bailed. What a dumb fuck. * * * Thirdly, fishing pressure: everyone knows that with high water means that all those anglers can only fish in more specific spots. I get it. But what I love the most is when I start slamming fish, people start to move in. And I warn guys about drop-offs and such, but at some point I just have to fish. So tonight I watched two dudes at different times fall in at the same spot! I warned the first one, but the second one was too dumb to listen I guess. It happened within ten minutes. Talk about a great laugh! Goddam, that shit's funny. People walk right off the bank expecting a gradual decline. But when they bite it face first on a 3' dropoff, I freaking think it's funny as hell! I am guessing you would all laugh too! Assholes to elbows fishing this weekend, warriors. Crazy stuff. Also in this area I want to shout out to the new owner of Maumee Tackle. As you can tell, his daily update is accurate and not filled with a bunch of bullshit Gary crap just to make a buck. * * * Fourth, The Outlook: this week will be crazy great. No rain to speak of, rising temps, dropping river. During this week, guys will smoke the walleye. Mark my words. Textbook Maumee River walleye coming as the river drops. Get on out there ladies and gentlemen. Enjoy some fresh fish! * * * And finally: thanks to you all, my blog is spiking right now on visits. I have been contacted to advertise on my blog again this year...two in one day even. Assholes. I am not going to compromise this blog just to make about $200/month they say (like I believe it). It's not worth it. Pop-up bullshit, redirects, I know it would be coming. So, as I have said in previous years, this blog will remain pure as the water in the Maumee River (before algae season) and as the Walleye Warrior Nation, we will prevail to simply talk fishing. This is Dr. Walleye. Let's fish.


High water fishing. Tons of suckers and a few throwback eyes. Released a snagged female Fish Ohio tonight.

More jacks

Friday was fast and furious. Lots of suckers, a few legal beagles, many throwbacks. Tricky current.  High water spots only this weekend. Orleans, White St, lower lot will be packed. Schroeders will be busy which is good but you might have to drive to fish.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

To all the men and women who make walleye fishing fun on the Maumee River, and to those who support us, Happy Easter! As you can see on Instagram @drwalleye there are many limits coming in, especially from the local guys who know where to fish. Boaters. Waders. It doesn't matter. What a great weekend! I will be in touch as we get to some even better fishing As April gets underway even stronger!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Another push coming

The forecast for rain today and all day tomorrow will raise the river level to about 6 ft, which is almost 2 ft more than it is now. With a rising river this weekend, but sure to mark the water level and check on it if bank fishing so that you do not get stranded. This Easter weekend will be busy down there! And we will see another fresh batch of fish showing up early next week for sure. Have fun out there!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Finally ole Doc W got a limit! It was not as busy out there as yesterday. Maybe the cold/wind kept people away. Graybeard, thanks for all the information. Good to have you on the ground, even if you're not in waders. Maybe we can hit the lake with Birdman again this year! Speaking of him, I saw Birdman walk out with a nice jack--Birdman and DBLDIP are tied! So, there were some suspicious people afoot (DNR). Looks like they need something to do before turkey season. I, too, can attest to the usual spots being less productive this year. Where once there were holes, it's now flat. And where there was water flowing, there are rock piles. The river got beat to hell this winter! So, it is time to get creative. And that's how Closer got his fish too. We fished an area differently and were rewarded. Keep at it everyone!!