Walleye Run 2015

Walleye Run 2015
March 27, 2015

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Get Ready for some FISH!

Walleye Warriors: The river crested last night at 6.93 ft above sea level and is now dropping. Fishing is always better on the drop. We tagged into several fish last night and enjoyed a great bite. Some throwbacks too. All jacks. Fishing pressure is heavier today but not as busy as you would think due to the cold and wind. But those on the river will get fish today. Sunday brings warmer temps and a SW 25 mph wind which will drop the river quickly for 24 hours. Early next week the bite will be fierce. Schroeders has been open all week but few visitors so far. More people today. If you usually go to Buttonwood (and now can't since it is closed) then you can pay to park at Schroeders and walk up to Buttonwood. Blue Grass is now open for parking on the Maumee side but is currently inaccessible due to high water. Can't cross yet. * * * Yesterday 1061 people visited my blog. So far today, 721 people have checked for an update. Within March: 18,000. In the last 3 years: 171,000. Thanks for relying on us here at Dr. Walleye's Place for all your Maumee River walleye news and river conditions. BTW, the yo-yos have hit the river. Last night we watched a boat of 3 guys drifting backward down the river with two guys standing up. The one in the middle nearly went overboard when the boat shifted. Dumb-dumbs. And for goodness sake, please, if you are boating, do not turn off your motor before you anchor. Unless you want to take a swim. Somebody will. Hope I get to see it! And remember to do what your mommy told you and pick up your trash when you leave. See you on the river! It's time to fish!!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Fish On!

River is picking up.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

This is what we need!

Look for big walleye numbers by next week due to rising river

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Buffalo from last week

Just a BIG fish. I wanna be like DBLDIP!


See my previous post/comments for articles about closed access points and ice problems that persist. Buttonwood is closed, the road to Buttonwood is closed. Sidecut is closed. Schroeders is currently closed but Whacker-H is working to get it open. If you are coming in this weekend, aim for White St, Orleans, or the Ft. Meigs lower low. Graybeard reported that the lower lot will not be open for road parking--enforced by PPD but that Maple St is allowing boats in (no docks though). So, all said and done, be careful where you park so you don't get ticketed. I am not sure where you can street park on the Maumee side, but today people will have to do that too. I don't know where people are going to fish once the parking spots are filled up.

Thursday, March 19, 2015


Yes, Walleye Warriors. Dr. Walleye is on the board! I got my first take home Maumee River walleye tonight. It was a hard female at 4.6 lbs. It hit like a rock star too. I had a throw back tonight...another larger female. And I had several fish on that were snagged and popped off. I have pics that I will upload later. But for now, I wanted to shout out and say that as the river is dropping, fish are moving in. I also got a huge buffalo carp in. Wish I had my scale with me. It had to be over 15 lbs. Measured it on my rod and it went 30". That's DBLDIP size there. * * * It's messed up down there everybody. Ice everywhere on the banks. Trees gone that I have known for years. Whacker H reported that Schoeders needs some cleaning before opening. Even the road down to Buttonwood is mostly GONE! Access sites that you usually go to will be closed...hopefully not all season. The river and its banks took a huge hit this year. Be ready to walk more than usual. Tonight there was one boat out there. I think they must have gotten in at Maple St. But I am not sure. If anyone can provide a Maple St report, it would be appreciated. Till next time.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ice Jams and Flooding

The river is letting loose! The jam at 475 is clearing out. Down river, the Buttonwood/Schroeder's side is open and flowing, but the area between Bluegrass and Sidecut is jammed. The entire field on the left side when driving down to Buttonwood is flooded with major ice chunks sitting there. River Road is still flooded out on the Maumee side. At the Maumee Bridge, tons of pedestrians were watching the flow. It's flowing fast there. But at the corner by White Street the river is jammed up at the island. In front of Orleans, it is flowing fast in the middle but then slows at another jam. I stood on an iceberg in the Orleans lower parking area and watched for 10 minutes. The river rose about 2 inches in that time. The ice cannot escape! By the Perrysburg Boat Club, ice is jammed out front and piling up. Look for more ice breaking loose tomorrow. Rossford, here it comes! Use your brain out there when walking around. I saw a low profile car pull into the Orleans lot and drive through water until he realized his wheels were about covered. Dumb. And if you have a canoe at Orleans, it's screwed. The racks are knocked over and twisted by the ice. I pulled one canoe out of the water and onto shore higher. (DBLDIP, it wasn't yours). Once this ice clears, then we will see more trees and debris flowing down. I can't imagine the devastation to Ft. Meigs Island and Bluegrass Island. But, I am surprised (and pleased) at how fast this ice is clearing out. Just a few days ago the river was basically all frozen over still.