Fish Ohio!

Fish Ohio!
Fish Ohio!

Limit on 4/11/14

Limit on 4/11/14
Limit on 4/11/14

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Interesting year

What a strange year on the river. The low water kept many walleye at bay literally. We went down last night and the Closer did really well including white bass and also a smallie! I'll write up a year summary another time. All said and done, the river is still a great place to go and fish. Don't expect a walleye if you go though. You might luck into one if you fish all day.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

On the horizon

Walleye fishing was a little better on Friday/Saturday. The Closer made his mark on Friday, and then his son (11 yrs old) caught his first walleye ever on Saturday! Whities are hitting more regularly as are the carp and suckers. Find some rapids and you might find a fish. Terrible Ted banged one walleye on his first (and only) cast of the day. So yes, fishing picked up some but we're all waiting to see what this rain will do for us. If the river goes up a few feet between Monday and Wednesday, we could see our last push of walleye by this coming weekend. Get them quick. If there are still walleye staged, they will come and go very quickly. The third annual PHS vs. MHS tournament is Saturday. PHS won two years ago. MHS won last year. Sign up at and support both schools (especially Perrysburg!) In the last month my blog had 25,035 page views. Thank you all for visiting!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Putt, Putt, Stall

The river has put us on hold. Fishing remains quite slow. Until we get another good rain, all of us will have to punch in and fish on the clock. Boaters yesterday we having a tough time bringing them in. Every now and again there would be a small flurry of fish all at once, but with the river at 3.99 on NOAA, we are sitting very low. I would not call it quits by any means. I got 1 yesterday. I'm thinking that once we get good rain, the last batch of walleye will move in. After all, we got a very late start this year.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Start it up!

The river last night was crazy hot. Limits were everywhere. As expected, the high water, crest, and drop produced a ton of fish in the river. Many are hard females. I threw back 36 walleye, many snagged, but that shows just how thick they are in there. We also threw back many suckers, carp, and watch out for those stinky shad! Get to the river everyone. Our time has finally come! Today the lines were big and many anglers have come to the Walleye Capital of the World! * * * On NOAA, the river dropped over one foot in 24 hours and now sits comfortably at 5.8 with a continued drop in the future. Things look fantastic for a long week of hardcore fishing.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hoping for the best

The river is falling from 8.5 ft today. I hope that even with some rain in the forecast the river will not rise. Fishing will steadily improve. But fishing spots will not all be open this weekend due to the water level. Boaters will have the advantage. I thought I got my first jack of the year this week but it was a smaller rock hard female.

Friday, April 4, 2014

A Complete Wash Out

Stay home this weekend unless you're headed to Schroeders to camp, drink beer, and swap stories. The river is up to 9.3 NOAA and rising sharply. It went up 5 feet in the last 24 hours. No areas will be worth a long drive. Even us local guys will be hard pressed to find a place to stand. The flow has quadrupled in the last 24 hours too. Boating is particularly unsafe as well since (1) you'll never get an anchor set, and (2) if you do anchor and need to move due to a tree headed your way, there won't be time. The Mighty Maumee is showing us her stuff. I'll let you know when high water spots are opened.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I'm the real walleye, yes I'm the DOC WALLEYE!

Walleye Warriors! Fish were biting yesterday as seen in the above pic of my 2 females. The one is my first Fish Ohio of the year, running 29" 8 lbs 3 oz. Glad I am on the board! I had a few throwbacks and also several carp. It was a blast! I saw several jacks caught too. DBLDIP had to take a charity fish thanks to The Birdman who limited out, but he'll be back to fight another day. The Closer went head-to-head with possibly his biggest fish ever too. The run is ON! But the PEAK is yet to come. * * * The river will rise by nightfall due to a steady rain. We are at 3.7 on NOAA right now, but they project us to flood out completely by Saturday. My guess is that the high water spots will still be accessible this weekend though. Leave your hip boots at home. * * * Thanks to my new followers and also the increased activity on Instagram. I am glad that many visitors check regularly and are commenting more. Most importantly, I am glad you find usefulness out of your visits here. In the last month I had 21,000 page views made up of 1,400 unique visitors/people. That's huge! Mobile devices are accessing the blog more than computers now too. As I said last year, I am not going to monetize my blog and make money on it since it would cause ads to pop up. I would rather keep this blog clean and easy. Come on back all season for updates. Your contributions to the blog by commenting make the site that much more valuable to people. So sign up, comment, follow, and have a step up on all other Maumee River anglers. * * * The hot spots now are the Towpath, Ft. Meigs, and Schroeders. Parking and/or launching at Schroeders is quick, easy, and fun. There are good people down there to talk with and get fishing advice. Once this rain passes, the river crests and then falls again, you will see a tremendous amount of walleye action. My name is Dr. Walleye, and you have my word on it.